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Tianjin Holder Pharm-CRO is a company specializing in drug development, providing research and technology development services for the entire production chain from pharmaceutical intermediates > API > to drugs. Our experts, with more than 10 years of experience in major international pharmaceutical companies in China, USA and Europe. We work exclusively in accordance with the requirements of the FDA, EMA, ICH and other rules and guidelines that meet the requirements of various regional regulations.

New products are added every yearCompetitiveness - quality and cost of products. Entering the market in Europe. High productivity. CTD /DMF documentation on European and FD standards.


    Our specialists are graduates of the best universities in China, America, Australia and Europe. Thanks to our extensive experience, the team conducts research and develops medicines of any complexity, quickly and efficiently. Speed is one of the main advantages of companies, so we can guarantee you the development of the drug in 4-8 months and the rapid transfer of technology to your production.


    Based on ICH approaches, ISO standards, and GMP principles. Currently, the company has a large number of quality management system documents, as well as SOP. Provide systematic and standardized management of original project records, project registration data, and R&d team data.

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